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  1. Hi all. Anyone know of any any scenic routes that go from top to bottom of France (south of Toulouse)? Preferably not using motorways. Cheers
  2. What a shame might have to take gerontious’ route
  3. That’s brilliant! I guess slipping the men at customs a few rupees would work...could I bring myself to do it though?! I’ve had the idea of going to India since I was a boy, and touring around and seeing all of the sites. New Delhi is definitely a destination...I’m sure it’s changed so much in 30 years, however I’m imagining that the Indian equivalent of Buckingham palace would still be there!! What a trip. And definitely somewhere I’d visit - I’ll take some pics for you! I loved the article too as well...but I’ve got a few thoughts. Taking no respect away from her feats, I’ll be at an age of ‘fighting’ being an eighteen year old! obviously there would be no intent to, however any young, hormonal Iranian could put up a fight?! I’m sure this could happen anywhere though. The places she visited sounded amazing..I’d have to go there too. It did say that as of 2014 you have to have a guide who would go through the country with you..perhaps for the better in terms of keeping you safe, but also not great as I wouldn’t be able to see the country’s true beauties perhaps? This could also prove costly...I’m not too sure I’d have that sort of money available. But this is all part of the journey - I don’t know if you’ve done any long range biking but planning definitely seems to be most important! Thanks again for finding the time to reply - just for note I’m 16 and haven’t really discovered the internet’s greatest parts...TMBF is definitely one of them! Cheers x
  4. Great video Denise! How expensive was the bike?!
  5. Geoff, or bonio. Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply! It’s greatly appreaciated, and is thoughtful. I’d heard that Iran was particularly dangerous, but perhaps not. Pakistan on the other hand seems to be dangerous..probably the most dangerous country to go through if I went on this route. I’ve heard about ‘slipping the men at customs a few rupees’, however this does seem ridiculous and unbelievable! I think it will be an epic journey, one that I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a little boy, and one to tell the grandchildren! Who knows...maybe you could join me!
  6. Gerontious, That does seem very sensible..and I’ll definitely look into that. When originally thinking about this plan, it seemed to me to ride into China via Nepal, but I hadn’t really looked into this and it could be a tricky ideal. I read about one man who got his bike shipped from Mumbai to Dubai, and then rode up through the UAE, Saudi Arabia, through into Kuwait and Iran and then into Turkey...not too sure how difficult this was, but he made it alive..! The Caspain sea way would be a good option, however I haven’t a clue where to begin with air freighting the vehicle(s) and then getting the ferry. All to look into. Cheers for getting back to me!
  7. I’ve read about the carnet de passage, and how precise documentation must be. Do you know which route would be better to take? I’m thinking China would be perhaps safer, however maybe to just save the hassle I’d go through Pakistan and Iran?
  8. Hi everyone. I’m 16, and looking potentially for a partner(s) to ride classic Royal Enfields from India to UK. I’m currently unsure what route to take, whether it’s possible to ride through China or whether going through war zones is risky (stupid thing to say). Also, if anyone is perhaps interested in going on this epic tour with me, let me know!
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