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  1. It is made of high quality 210D Oxford material. But what is it ? It is nylon/polyester.
  2. Still doesn't tell me the type of material, is made from polyester,nylon,canvas,rubber,wool,cotton etc Google 210D Oxford fabric and apparently it is PU coated nylon/polyester. 210 being the weight using Dernier scale. Seems suitable although I might prefer a heavier material. My current Oxford cover (brand name) is disintegrating after less than a year's use. The net weight of the 104 inch cover is about 1.05kg. Many customers mentioned in their review that the cover is thick and durable. I will also pass your advice to our product department to see if they can launch a heavier cover. Thank you so much for your feedback
  3. It is made of high quality 210D Oxford material. Still doesn't tell me the type of material, is made from polyester,nylon,canvas,rubber,wool,cotton etc It is nylon/polyester.
  4. I have yet to give it a thorough going over but initial thoughts are very good! and it feels better quality than others I have had in the same price bracket, and anything better quality is always over twice the price. A mate has left a review on amazon already Thank you Stu. I am happy that you like the product. Our cover uses very good material and we keep improving the details too.
  5. Most people work in metric and imperial for general length but I think most use metric for weight. I see. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hello. Can anyone tell me which one is more often used in the UK, lb or kg? How about length? Is cm or inch / feet more often used? I use inch/ feet for the length and lb for the weight of our motorcycle cover, just wonder if I should change them. Thank you advance.
  7. Hi there! I am very confident on our product quality as we have been selling these for several years. You will never regret buying it If there is any quality issue, we will arrange refund or replacement immediately.
  8. It is my honor to introduce our products in this great forum. Thank you for providing the opportunity. I am looking forward to seeing our covers protecting your precious bikes.
  9. Hi Westbeef, thank you for your comment. I have sent you a private message about our promotion. It is still on the way and may take some time to get delivered successfully.
  10. Hello Mr Pro, Thank you for your comment. You are quite correct. We are eager to know what UK customers think of our products, although they are reviewed by many influencers. We understand that customers from different countries may have different needs on product attributes like size, color, material. I have sent you a private messgae, which still shows in the outbox (it may take some time for the message to be sent out). Please check it later on.
  11. Hello Everyone, we are the authorized seller of XYZCTEM motorbike cover in the UK. As the top rated motorbike cover brand in the United States and Japan, XYZCTEM is newly launched in the United Kingdom this July with the best quality and service standard. We currently have two covers with different size listed on Amazon UK, respectively 104 inches and 97 inches long. 97 Inches: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07TVG743X 104 Inches: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07TVG5HC5 Two Special Discounts for You: 1. 15% off for the two covers. To apply the discount for the 97 Inches cover, enter the claim code GreatCoverXL at checkout. The claim code for the 104 Inches is BestCoverXXL. The code takes into effect from 8:00 am today and is vaild through Sep 30. 2. 100% Off (Number of Winners Limited) Please send me a private message to get the details on winning the discount. Since its creation in 2012, XYZCTEM has received thousands of reviews from customers worldwide. It is also reviewed and recommended by many influencers, including Mr. Ninomiya from Japan with more than 300,000 subscribers. Protect your bike with XYZCTEM cover now!
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