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  1. Recently got cbr 125 2015 model and was looking to fit aftermarket exaust, can anybody suggest a good exaust to buy, would like to make bike sound a little better than stock, would appreciate any other suggestions of other aftermarket parts to make bike look and sound a bit better than stock. Cheers
  2. Excuse me for not noticing date of thread you, clearly you think ure either a smart arse or wanna be comedian? Next time I will be sure to explore everything before posting.....
  3. The sound you are hearing is from fuel pump, remove cap then start bike and listen inside fuel tank and you will hear it clearer, not sure of what's causing it, possible blockage somewhere or fuel pump maybe on way out, I own a 2016 model with 1100 miles and it recently started same noise, so back to dealership tomorrow for health check.
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