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  1. Thanks all ,what the halfwitted woman doesn’t know and I can’t share it here yet is,I have the whole incident on camera,she didn’t report the incident at all in a works van ,then tried to blame me,I was apprehensive as I hate getting folk into trouble in this harsh work climate,however if she lies,she’s going down
  2. Defo mate I was not even right up her arse ,around 5 feet away ,hopefully she does the right thing,when I called her insurance she hadn’t even reported the accident,and it was a works van
  3. Her insurance is doing an investigation so I have to wait ,and the bikes still under warranty also ,but now I’m paying HP for an ornament
  4. Yes mate I’ve tried to have a look but I’ve no idea ,no mechanical knowledge ,and I’ve made a third party claim against her,am I fk paying excess for that,it’s put me right off now man,every time I’m out someone tries to murder you at every junction,now I’m not even safe sitting in traffic,sick of it
  5. Yes mate I called the police
  6. I was sat at a main road which the traffic had stopped behind a van on Friday ,to my left was an adjoining road,the van in front tried to let someone out so went in reverse smashing into my bike and continued for a few seconds after impact,I fought hard and kept the bike upright at the cost of my back killing me for now a week ,she then tried to get away but I zoomed in front of her to cut her off,she then said if she can’t see me in her mirrors it’s my fault,also because I have L plates it’s my fault ,I’m not a learner ,I’m a HGV and PCV driver,if not a woman I’d have smashed his skull in,any
  7. I’m ex army always wanted to ride a motorbike ,tried to do it on what I thought was a cheaper option badly miscalculated ,on direct acces been waiting over a year on my theory due to covid,now they’ve just cancelled it due to no spots left in Scotland ,maybe I’m just not cut out for bikes although I love riding,no better eacape
  8. Cheers mate I’m so gutted man
  9. Bought a brand new lexmoto tempest on the 5th of April ,as I’m on a direct access course,thought great way to get some experience before I move up,bought it from Portman motors ,I live in Irvine ,had two services already as you need to stick to warranty rules at 310 miles then 930 miles,now it’s gushing fuel everywhere ,they want me to pay for it to be picked up Tuesday ,they can fk off,even trying to get a service is near on impossible as most garages won’t touch them,each service costs £71 ,so for those thinking of a cheap first bike like me ,don’t do it ,total death traps,look on YouTube un
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