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  1. Hi all Gonna bump this thread with a short clip from Ace Cafe. Been a bit late to the party and it was a bit quiet that time... Anyway, I will be visiting this place on Fridays for the next few weeks! https://youtu.be/D6obHReR9Uw
  2. Fair enough, but it's better to be approached by someone who says that he was actually interested in motorcycles for a long time, rather than by just another journalist who thinks of bikers as of a bunch of criminals. So, it makes me not a complete stranger. Please don't confuse a list of desired footage with a complete video I didn't want to post any links in this thread, but if people are too shy to ask in DM, here is our website: https://londnr.com/ And if someone is still not convinced that I am a part of the team, you can find my other photo on our Insta page.
  3. This is not even close to a commercial project, more like a mini-documentary, and the title says that we are looking for volunteers The most we can offer is a social media page promotion, and maybe some cookies and coffee
  4. Hi there! I wonder if anyone on this forum would like to take a part in the production of a YouTube video about Motorcycling community in London and this hobby in general, or knows someone else who would? A small note for the Mod: I want to make it clear that I didn't come here to advertise anything, ask for something illegal, etc. I also won't mention any brand names without your permission. A tiny bit about me: I am a Videographer working for a magazine which is about London/Londoners/Lifestyle/etc. We are currently launching a series of videos about the different hobbies of Londoners, and we think that we can convince a part of our audience to join you! And just in case - I am not a complete stranger, I was interested in this topic for many years now, even though I don’t have a bike currently We’d like to cover as many different types of motorcycles as possible, so everyone is welcome! But we definitely need to show at least a sportbike and some classics too, because other people are probably familiar with these types, and if we only hear from maxi-scooter and enduro owners, it might not work so well… There are a lot of similar videos on the Internet already, but most of them don’t focus on details that really matter and what makes biking experience so unique. 90% of the content is just plain footage of some group ride, which is boring for the audience (IMHO). What I want to do is to try to transfer the feeling of being on a ride through sound, texture and dynamics. So, our plan on shots for this part of the video is to film the bikes, the bikers, their equipment, the bikes revving, the bikes moving, and maybe things like a short burnout. Or even some short interviews, if we are lucky! If you are interested, please tell a little bit about yourself as a biker and/or post a photo or two, or send a link to your SM profile, or recommend a friend. Of course, we will mention everyone in the credits, and this forum as well! And it would be great if you also mention your approximate location and the times when you are usually available for this kind of activity. Cheers! UPD: added a link to our website to show that this is legit: https://londnr.com/
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