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  1. she wouldn't be riding on any public road she would be riding on a car park, which are PRIVATE and not PUBLIC and thats a fact, so she wouldn't need to have a full license to practice on a private car park. Also how can there be any insurance fraud when the insurance companies are willing to insure her with a CBT as a named rider for the purpose of doing her test on!!! As long as she doesn't ride on a public highway she is completely fine.
  2. everything will be in my name, bike and insurance in my name with her as a named rider. already have quotes for insurance. the reason behind the idea is so we can ride it down to a car park so she can practice with it, so come the test she feels more happy. we are just looking to see if anyone else has done this, the idea came from raceways motorbikes.
  3. The idea would be for me to insure in my name and her as a named rider.
  4. Hi, My wife would like to do her DAS, just wondered what peoples views were on her buying her own bike and doing her DAS on it?
  5. I went onto an empty car park to practice with her on the back before going onto the road, made her feel better and me
  6. I get all my gear from ghost bikes, they are based in Preston so its only 20mins away. really good service
  7. Bike: Honda CBF1000a Mileage:19540 Year:2006 Colour: Everton blue Just a short review, had the bike a couple of weeks traded in my 900 diversion. The engine is a detuned fireblade pulling nearly 100bhp, its smooth and quick but not so it'll give you brown trousers. First thing I noticed was how much it felt like a 600cc in size, its not a big bike so its good for short people. It also has a three point adjustable seat and adjustable screen. The model I have is the c-abs which is the abs model with combined brakes, I've seen some reviews which people slate the combined brakes, but I love them, each to there own. Handling is excellent, you can really throw it around, unlike my Diversion which was bloody heavy ( but an excellent bike in its own right). So far really enjoying the CBF, will be keeping her for quite a while, just a shame its not a shaft drive Going to France on her in July so when I get back I'll do an update on her Bluenose
  8. yep defo for the weather Got my wife coming with me this year and my mate Kev is bringing his aswell. Look forward to seeing you again
  9. Hi eveyone. For those that are interested registration for this years RTTW has opened, its £10 to register. This years event is on Saturday 4th of October, already looks like they'll top last years numbers of 20000 bikers
  10. Good review, I'm looking to upgrade my Diversion 900 to a slightly bigger tourer. I've been looking around and a lot of people have mentioned the Norge 1200 as a great bike, unfortunately I'm short in the leg department so as long as I can practically flat foot it I'll be happy . I've heard about the side stand being slightly too far forward, but there appears too many good points about this bike too ignore. cheers Bluenose
  11. I know what you mean, spoils the day. I agree that every biker should do this ride because its awesome, and a very moving day. It was good to meet you both, did you see the little jack russell in the top box, had its own little screen
  12. you end up at the NMA its a memorail, well a massive wall thats why its called ride to the wall, and it contains the names of all service personnal killed while on active service serving this country. The NMA is in Staffordshire and its a great day out, meeting new people who are all there for the same reason........to remember.
  13. yep just turn up at knutsford services the ride will be leaving there at 0930am, when we get to the NMA there'll be registeration tents to pay the £10 fee which goes straight to the upkeep of th NMA. I'll be on a white 900 diversion and my mate is on a blue goldwing you can't miss it its got a massive portsmouth fc flag on.
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