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Yo yo

Has anybody had any trouble with metaAlarms

My current alarm seems to be malfunctioning. The fob only seems to work what seems like randomly. Occasionaly it will deactivate the alarm on the 1st push of the button and sometimes it wont deactivate for 10 minutes or more!! This problem started in the summer and the deactivation time has slowly gone up and up where now if i wanted to go start the bike up I could be up there 15 minutes trying the button before it deactivated. Ive replcaed the batteries in the fob but this hasnt changed a thing. Does the alarm itself have a battery . Now i bought this bike 2nd hand and dont have any docs for the alarm. From what I have read I need the red card that comes with the alarm which has a code, thats what is needed to send off for a new fob which would work on my alarm. Is this true, if so how easy is it to remove an alarm, im guessing I cant just unplug the current one and plug in a new one can I?

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