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Braided brake hoses


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Hi i have a fazer 600 fzs ,would it make a difference to the bikes performance if i fitted braided brake hoses. Ive been told it would can you help . :scratch:


well you may find that new hoses+clean up of brakes+new fluid will give a stronger more firm feel. Dont really need them tbh unless your breaks are not very good/need replacing etc.

I found a clean up of my callipers, new pads and new fluid really made my brakes feel alot better.

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Yep, pretty much what Chris said,

I put them on one of my blades, loadsa difference. Put em on my Tiger, not so much ...

If your hoses need replacing, then yeah, worth doing. You will get more feel through the lever because the hoses will not flex so any feedback is at your hand and not hidden by the the hoses absorbing some of it.

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