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After adding a aftermarket can...


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... that has no baffle, i was told by a guy i spoke to at the BSB the other week to lower my fuel mixture, he said my bike (zx6r '99) should be idle at about 8-900 rpm when it sounds more comfortable at 1100rpm (he had previously owned one). at 800rpm it sounds like it is going to die but how can lowering the fuel mixure correct that? :?

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What end can is it?

Most end cans dont require you to alter the fuel/air mixture (usually done on FI bikes with a powercommander) even with the baffle out. If you are concerned then take it to a local dyno test centre and get them to check your fuel/air mixture on the dyno.

If it were me, and the bike ran ok then I wouldnt do anything.

Oh and I would expect the bike to idle at 1200-1500 rpm anyway (the standard idle for the 07 zx6r is 1200-1500).

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ahhh cheers man i will just leave it as it is.

runs comfy at 1100rpm with a nice sound to it!

might take it to dyno test place anyways to learn a bit more about it for when on a track :D

thanks again


No need its just a slip on really. If it was a full system then yes (unless its noticeablely running poor)

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The idle speed will be specified in the handbook or service manual. Fitting an aftermarket can may cause the idle speed to drop and you should adjust it back to the specified setting.

Setting the idle speed too low can cause low oil pressure, as the pump is driven from the crankshaft. Low oil pressure is a bad thing.

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