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Givi Satnav Bags

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I've got a Heine Gericke one. It was £15 and does the job. The beauty of velcro is that if you leave the bike it is quick and easy to remove and stash in your pocket.

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I've got one...

It does what it says on the tin - it's waterproof and has a couple of (very) long velcro straps that hold it very securely onto the bike. In that sense it does the job.

It has two pockets, a front one which holds the nav unit, and a rear one which I used for the 12V charger adapter. Unfortunately they've not provided any way to run a cable from front to back, so I had to cut a hole to link the two pockets. Not a problem, but unfortunate.

I made up a special cable which carried 12V and audio and brought them out to a single waterproof connector, and fitted a matching one to the bike. This worked quite well, it meant I could strap the nav unit onto the handlebars and plug it into the bike's power and Autocom with a single cable. Quick(ish) & easy.

But I don't use it any more. The main problem is that the clear plastic window is quite thick and stiff, and as it wrinkles up it touches the screen of the sat nav. If like me you have a TomTom with a sensitive touchscreen, this makes it unusable - I ended up having to protect the screen with a rigid plastic cover made from 1/2 a CD case, and although that stopped the problem with it selecting menu options on the move, it meant fitting everything into the case was a pain.

It's also quite reflective, which makes it impossible to see the screen in sunlight. Since I had the nav wired into my Autocom, at least I could hear and follow the spoken directions - but if you don't have audio then you'll struggle.

In the end the various niggles just annoyed me too much and I wired in a Garmin Zumo 660 with a Touratech locking bracket instead... frighteningly expensive, but much more satisfactory.

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