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New gear day!

Guest CobbZ

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As everyone from the 2010 TMBF rally knows, various zips on my old leather trousers had de-railed. It was the last straw when one of the leg zips snapped. So i started looking for replacements, decided on the Spada Flage textiles - £50 for a pait off eBay.

When i clicked on the first one, it took me to Nick Noble, who is the seller i got my original leathers from. So i gave him a ring! Explained the problem, and that i had spent £300 with him when i bought this gear (£120 for pants, £130 for jacket, and £50 for spada boots), and i said yes, i get it, had them over 12 months, blah blah... but would he do a free exchange for the £50 spada pants? And he said yeah!! Awesome. So basically, got some free pants.


Fantastic pants, REALLY nice and warm, very comfy, apparently they're waterproof, but its not rained here yet, so will update when we get April showers!

When i went down to do the exchange, i tried on a Caberg Sintesi XXL flip top helmet... and it bloody fit! I was over the moon, finally found a flip front that fits really well! Nice round shape. £150... waited till pay day and ordered that too. Every other shop is selling for £225 or so!

Epic win, very happy CobbZ here!



Absolutely brilliant, finally a helmet thats really comfy, fits glasses really well, has great peripheral vision, internal sun visor, and is bluetooth ready(for an extra £100...)! Good room around the ears too, usually thats my downfall with helmets, because of my round head, my ears get squashed and can be painful on long rides.


And quite frankly, I cannot recommend Nick Noble enough (google, or eBay). Absolutely BRILLIANT guy with great stock of bike accessories and clothing. Good prices, excellent customer service and support, and the deliveries are always next day.

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