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Duchinni helmet

Guest Fannyanne32

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If i were you, i'd remove the whole helmet, bin it, and buy something thats actually safe and sturdy...


+1, I would not put my phone in one and throw it down the street never mind my head. Remember when buying a helmet, what price do you put on your head.

Look here also viewtopic.php?f=32&t=15767


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Personally if I was going to slate a helmet, I'd look up it's safety ratings first before putting foot in mouth.


As opposed to a 'better' helmet such as the Arai Condor...


More expensive doesn't always mean better....

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I'm not saying that he should be buying more expensive helmets Ash, but i've picked up and tried a fair few duchinis, because i tried one and was shocked at its flimsyness, so if i ever see one, i try it to see if anything has improved... And they haven't.

Truly terrible lids.

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Can't be that bad, they beat a few more expensive helmets in the sharp tests. However I hate them anyway as they're uncomfortable :)

None of us have actually answered the original post though :D Can you remember how to take the visor off? I can't lol

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I have a Duchinni D801 helmet and the only problem with it is its a bit loud but I've also tried my gf's KBC helmet and her new Shoei (we have very similar fit) To be honest Shoei is not much better and KBC was even louder.

As for visor removal... Don't know about your model but I have a little lever on each side which I just need to lift to release visor...


If you have a good eye have a look at this pic:


Looks like there may be some kind of button right next to that silver ball-thingy and visor needs to be correctly aligned

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Thanks guys iv just managed to do it from that picture that cypek put on. Thanks so much it has drove me mad for ages. And by the way I'm a she not a he and I have found the helmet very comfortable with no problems other than not getting the visor off that is x :D

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