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Cheap Top Box

Guest Old_Git

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Hi all

well I have blown most of my farkle money on loud pipes and heated grips so now looking at cheap top boxes.

I have a Givi Monokey plate that came with the bike, so option 1 is hang on for a second hand box to fit.

Option 2 is to buy a Monolock box. There's more about, they are cheaper and (IMHO) nicer looking. The baseplate will take some work to mount onto my bike.

Option 3 is a cheap unbranded box with baseplate and fittings like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/390377249329? ... 1438.l2649 anyone got one, what are they like please?

What does the panel think?



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Hi Nick

I have the same one. took a chance on it and was very pleased with the quality.

I think it is as good if not better than a friends Givi box of similar size.

If you look around you will get the same or slightly different sized model with free postage.



The seller has different sizes.

I think the "quick release" will be handy on the ferry this year'


John (another Old Git)

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Hi John

Ta for the reply - how is it's stability on the rack, does it wobble about any or is it a nice tight fit?

wannars125 - thanks yep but it's a cheap top box plus HID conversion foir the same money, hence the pondering.... :scratch:



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Seems to be very stable on the rack. No wobble at all.(motorway + speeds) Even with my weekly shopping from Sainsburys in it. It needs quite a bit of pressure to lock it onto the base-plate. which has rubber buffers that get compressed when the box is locked in place. My bike is a cruiser so the box wont be tested at Autobahn speeds.

For the money I was very surprised at the quality. This also is "mono-key" if that means that one key is used to either open the box or remove it from the bike.


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Well I got the one in the link that I posted. Plate needed some drilling and brackets made, but seems sturdy enough now it's mounted properly. Only criticism so far is that the lip on the locking flap is not very deep. Not road tested it yet either, strangely enough :roll:

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