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YZF R125


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What model was it?

09 Yamaha YZF R125

When did you buy it and how much did it cost?

December 2011 for £1650 with around 5600 miles on the clock

Good points?

Handling, sticks like glue.

yamaha quality and attention to detail

riding position is good, not as bad on the wrists as you'd think. but you do notice it after 30-40 miles.

Its very light, 127kg dry

great arround town and on the a-roads. plenty enough grunt to keep up with traffic.

unbelevabley forgiving, mess up and 9 times out of 10 the bike will save you, great for learners.

great on the petrol

the lights are... OK

Bad points?

To do any servicing you have to remove some fairing

The spark plug is inacessible!

Drinks oil

Would you get another?

no, but only because is a 125.

Brilliant first bike not the easiest to maintain but well worth it. tops out at 86mph gret at low revs through town, i've done 5400 miles and no problems yet.

12400 miles on the clock now and still going strong, no mechanical faliures as of yet apart from it shorting out on the engine casing in the english summer a couple of times.

had 1 set of brake pads and tyres so far.

would recomend highly if you can bear the crunch of plastic every time you have a learner moment



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i wouldn't mind if mine was cat C D or B along as its repaired and fully functional thats all that matters to me!

i want one :( saving isn't going to well either ...

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Hey every one!

Iv had my yamaha yzf r125 2008 for a couple of months now and its great so far i highly recommend it if your not a short ass, its much bigger than a Honda cbr 125



only thing i dont like is the ugly standard exhaust!!



but are both great bikes!!



Please check out my you tube channel with lots of yamaha r125 and a bit of honda cbr!!!


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