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Forcefield Pro L2K Back Protector


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I got this last year after a fair amount of shopping around and reading reviews. The back protector was voted best back protector by Ride and is CE approved Level 2 which is the highest rating of protection. It allows less than 5kN to be transmitted to the body, the maximum to pass CE2 is 9kN so it's far better than it needs to be! The only back protector I could find with more protection is the Sub 4 but it's very bulky and not ideal for daily use (which I need as I commute)

More importantly, for me at least, they offer a women’s fit! On this fit the waist is higher up (and I would assume shorter) They offer 2 ladies size being up to 5ft7 and over 5ft7.

Bought for around £90 on ebay.

I really can't fault it in anyway, it looks as good as new, easy to chuck on under the jacket, good length, covers all the vertebrae, doesn't move up, doesn't catch on your helmet etc.

Any questions just ask, and no I'm not on commission!

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I bought a Forcefield back protector about 5 years ago, I have always worn it and it is still in excellent condition, very comfy too, highly recommended :thumb:

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The Sub4 isn't as bad as it looks, it warms up and moulds to your back. I wear mine every time I ride. I don't bother taking it off when parked up at meets and suchlike as it's not intrusive at all.

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I have a pro L2 I was told about them by a friend of mine looked at some crashes with people wearing them one were a bike rammed straight into the guys spine and he got back on and carried on riding, really comfy moulds perfectly to the body, not as expensive as lower grade back protectors and was the best out there until the Sub 4.

I would recommend this to anyone and I also have a bad back and the feel and fit of the protector helps to nub pain after long rides to. It is very flexible which may put people off but if its stiff your more likely to snap your spine, they explain that on there website. The only thing that could be better in a crash is an Ejector Seat :P

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