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Gpz500s spring service/clean

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This lot arrived over the weekend. Chain and sprockets due any time. Fingers crossed it's tomorrow. I'm planning on doing a mini project with plenty of pictures.

So far I have;

- spark plugs


- rear pads

- cush drive rubbers

- oil filter

I'm awaiting the chain and sprockets before I start.

I plan to check the air filter to see if a clean will suffice, if not I'll order a new one. I'm going to give the swinging arm a clean and coat of hammerite.

I may be purchasing 2 stainless steel silencers, I find myself holding off, I found this


Can't help but think it sounds a bit agricultural.. I know it's a twin but it's a bit off putting to pay £240 when I'm not 100%.

Coincidentally it's my model and colour scheme.


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Pack the cush rubbers with tin or rubber to take up the slop, makes alot of difference.

Also turn the pilot screws out 2.5 turns and drill a 1" hole in the airbox. (Google gpz500 fog mod for more info.) You'll get much smoother throttle response.

Also sign up to ex500.com

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Yeah I think you pointed me in the direction of that site when I did the review on it..

Saw this on there and I plan to do this to it as even with brand new rubbers in there's still a substantial amount of snatch when rolling on and off the throttle.. Even with a brand new x ring chain & sprockets..


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lots and lots of detail and pictures! It would get me off my arse and experiment a little more with a deep clean rather than the more superfical stuff.

generally I hold back as I fear doing more damage than good!

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I have just had to take the carbs apart on mine for a second time. Full of crap again, even with the inline filter I put in :(

I am right now in the process of taking 15 odd litres out of the tank, Dunno if I can do anything with it but it looks a manky orange. I have ordered a ZZR600 OEM fuel filter which apparently fits in the fuel in fitting on the carb, but I am going to have to give the inside of the tank a damn good cleaning and then put fresh fuel in. I also have one of the pilot screw 'O' rings missing and when I took the tank off first I also have one of the little round tank dampers missing. All ordered.

If you are giving her a good servicing, then now would be a good time to do the valve clearances :) If you do, watch the 2 little metal dowels that fit between the rocker cover and the head. You don't want to drop one of those down the engine :)

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