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can anyone tell what are these for ?


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this picture from near kick start pedal. I try to take it off but cable didnt let me off. There is a button as you can see i can turn left then right. Can anyone tell me what is it ?


This pictures taken from behind of the bike. You can see there is kind of key hole just above of shiny yellow. That pink plastic also can block the way for key hole. I donno what is it eitgher

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:stupid: it would help if we was told where it is, and what bike


oh sorry my bad . I dont know anything about bikes so i thought its same with every bike.. Sorry again

Ok here you go the top pictures is when you riding the bike its right side of the bike. Just under the seat you can see that panel.

The other picture is behind the bike just above exousht.

The bike is Peugoet elyseo 100 cc 1999.

Thanks for comments

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if i'm not mistaken- thats the emergency ejector seat switch- fettle it with care.

P.s- who manicures your hands- quality workmanship!


lool :D i didnt do anything to my hands.. They are really dirty at the moment thanks to the motorbike oil ....

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