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Kawasaki Eliminator 125

Guest lukebolger

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I owned this second hand, got it with 10K on the clock, rode it for 2 years, putting another 12K on it.

Handling is very very easy, its a light bike but still the biggest 125 Ive ever seen! The long wheel base, and light chasis are not altogther a good idea - even in light rain a sharpish corner can send the back wheel out from under you.

Huge engine problems, don't even think about starting it when its cold outside! I had two main issues with the cold, the garage told me they were both just limitations of the design. The first was something to do with the fuel getting too cold too easily because of non heated carbs and poor insulation (as its air cooled) -

The second is when it rains, water builds up underneath the headlight, where the electrics are, another design flaw - and it drove the mechanic mad trying to figure out why the bike was loosing power for seemingly no reason!

Gaskets blew at about 17K, probably because its such a big bike and has an under powered engine, so you really have to keep it on the red line to get near 60 - 70

If your using it on evenings and weekends, you may be very happy, but for commuting in British cold weather your going to be disappointed!

I had three AA calls in one month - had to take it back to the garage many times!

Great bike but they put a lawn mower engine in it! :cheers:

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Hey There

I bought one last November as my 1st geared bike and can honestly say I am really pleased with it. I bought it as a workhorse, 90miles a week on average. I keep it indoors and is parked at work under cover. Have rode through the Winter and it has been fine so far so guess I am just lucky.

I agree it must be one of the slowest bikes out there - its a big 125 but in heavy town traffic that is not an issue for me. I pay about 8gbp per week in petrol - thats pretty good I think..

I have no real experience of other bikes but I would think that the 125 Eliminator must be a good choice as a 1st bike to learn how to ride. I plan to take a full test this year and get a 1200 Bandit so I can use for weekends away with luggage and Missus on board.

Safe riding all


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