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Honda CBR125r 2004 to 2006

Donnie Brasco

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Model:Mine was an RW6 2007 carb model,I owned it for about a year

Price: As we all know honda speaks for itself and stands for reliability and quality so you are getting what you're paying for. A clean second hand model can be had for around the £1400 mark. Just make sure you do a good research and look around for an unmolested example as these find themselves in the hands of teenagers.

Handling: This is probably where more people get scared away when look at this bikes thin frame and almost bicycle alike tyres. They even get slated for being tiny but they're not! You are riding a single cylinder machine with 124cc displacement(one of the lightest in its class) and the steering geometry,tyres and the overall size of the machine is just right and more than adequate for the power output. (Don't forget Honda marketed 150cc and 250cc for the far east countries and it's the same frame!). If you want a 125 that could look far bigger than what it is,go buy a yzf125 or RS125(you will pay in the long run)

It doesn't take you very long to get used to the way it rides as its very simple to ride and will handle well down twisty roads.

Reliability: This is where you don't have to even think twice,if serviced correctly they will go forever.During my 1 year ownership I put 10k miles on mine it hasn't missed a beat!

Would I buy Another?: Tell you the truth if it wasn't for upgrading for a big bike I would never dare thinking about selling mine. A bulletproof engine that returns 100mpg even when you give it some and handles fairly well,I couldn't really fault it and would certainly recommend to new riders or those who are looking for a machine purely for commuting. you wont be disappointed.

Conclusion: The only concern you might have is comfort in long distance rides. CBR125r is very lightweight and that can be a real issue with cross winds and climbing hills.Seat wasn't particularly design for comfort and is pretty small. In my opinion anyone over 6 foot tall might feel to cramped and ridiculous on one.

All in all It's an honest little bike that dosen't have anything to shout about,it will go mile after mile after mile.

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