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Advice on learning, training courses etc

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I passed my CBT last month and I've been itching to start riding ever since. I'm not really sure how to go about it though.

Would I be better off using learning center bikes, doing lessons with them and then taking my test on their bikes, or buying my own bike and have a few lessons just to make sure I'm riding correctly for the test?

I've also seen a few "Training courses" (not DAS, I'm only 20) that say they will pass you (theory, mod 1 + 2) within a week. Are these worth looking at? I'm not sure as I know the car equivalent gets some bad reviews.

Thanks :mrgreen:

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At 20 your only realistic option is to do the test on a 400+ bike which will restrict you to a max of 47hp. After 2 years you can go back and do the test again on a 600+ bike and you'll be unrestricted.

You will have to do this through a learning centre, you aren't allowed to ride the 400 without an instructor with you in radio contact.

As for the intensive weeks that's entirely up to you but to be honest I'd get in touch with a school and go speak to them. When I joined the school I did my tests with they insisted I had a ride out with the instructor first to see what level I was at. They recommended an hour a week lesson rather than trying to shove it all through in a week and I thought that worked brilliantly but see what your school says.

Whether you buy a 125 to ride on your own in the meantime and practice is entirely up to you. I did and thought it was well worth doing, the ability to practice what I learned in my lesson was invaluable and if you get a decent second hand Jap bike you'll be able to sell it again for very similar money to what you bought it for.

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If you do the test on a 125 all you're then allowed to ride is a 125

On the CBT all you're allowed to ride on your own is the 125 but you can ride bigger when an instructor's with you and has a radio so they can talk to you.

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Thanks for the help :)

Got my first lesson booked for Sunday morning, he said he'll start me off on a 125 then move me up to a 400 at a later point which I assume is pretty standard?

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Yep thats par for the course, they won't throw you straight onto a big bike until the instructor is happy with you on a 125

Have fun :mrgreen:

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