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stopped off there today when out for a ride with a mate, the café was totally empty and not one bike. I had parked next to barrier so I could get a ticket and leave. Two bikes came up to barriers and turned around so they were facing out and parked and came in for tea. Just before we were leaving a guy who works for Rutland Water asked us if that was our bikes and told us when we go just get a ticket and ride through the car park and we'll get out the other side. he did not seem anti bike he was saying that a lot leave from the entrance and he had concerns of an accident as people just turn in from both ways.

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So... It's still shit? Damn! Thought you'd say they'd sorted it :(

Since they brought in this parking malarkey I've heard a range of bad things!

Whoever introduced these rules has a lot of losses in business to account for :lol:

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