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My Lights have stopped working!!!!!!

Guest Richards5552

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Hi everybody I was just wondering if you could help me with my issue?

My headlights have stopped working, my dipped beam yesterday and my full beam today can anyone help with this??

I am almost certain it isnt the bulbs as all the other bulbs and LED's are still running when I turn the bike on

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Hit it with a hammer

Then check the fuses are still intact.

Also check the connection as the whole headlight unit uses one block connector so make sure it's pushed in properly.

And next time post your troubles in Pitstop :thumb:

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These things need calm logic to fix - a process of elimination.

1) Check the bulbs.

2) Check the fuses.

3) Check the wiring, starting from the headlamp and working backwards towards the battery.

I recommend you get yourself a digital multimeter (£10 in B and Q) and a 9v battery + a resistor and a battery connector. (to test the integrity of a piece of wire where you can only see the two ends because the rest of it is inside the bike). Both of these bits of kit are invaluable when testing a circuit.

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