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Honda cbr coolant change/drain/flush


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I've just drained my coolant and got a few pics so il do a quick guide. I know there's a few cbr's on here.

You need:

Small bucket/container

10mm spanner/rachet

Couple of copper crush washers

Allen key for removing fairings

Flat and cross screwdriver

1.75lt of white vinegar

10lt of dis stilled water

1.75lt of coolant.

Remove the two side fairings and belly pan and loosen the nose cone (only if you have the ram air system)

Remove the radiator cap (remove the ram air ducts if there in the way)


On the left side of the bike (gear change side) locate the water pump.

It's next to the shifter

Undo the system drain bolt (10mm)


Put your bucket under it.


When it's finished draining undo the clip on the hose that's pointing down and pull it off. More coolant will come out. Put the hose back on.

Next is the cylinder drain. This ones awkward. Look below the rad between the down pipes.

The bolt you need to remove is the one with red arrow. 10mm again.

Easiest way is to unclip the hose (yellow arrow) at both ends and pull it out. Then you can get more room, if you need more room undo the reg/rec bracket (5mm Allen key).


When the bolts out and it's drained put it back in place and tighten it back up, put the water pump drain bolt back and the rad hose back on.

Back round the other side of the bike (brake side) undo the bolt on the reserve tank, empty it and wash it out. Put it back in place.

Mix white vinegar and distilled water 50/50. You need about 3.5lts


Add it to the radiator untill it's full, then fill the reserve tank to the upper limit.


Turn the bike on and let it idel for a few mins, then snap the throttle back a few times. This will bleed the air from the system.

Top up if it needs it and let it run till the fan comes on.

Let it cool.

Remove the water pump drain/cylinder drain and the pipe to the water pump. Empty reserve tank and wash out.

Replace them all again and fill the system with distilled water.

Fill reserve tank to upper line.

Idel for a few mins and snap throttle.

Run untill the fan comes on again.

Let cool.

Remove water pump drain/cylinder drain and the pipe to the water pump.

Replace them again but install new crush washers on the drain bolts.

Fill with 50/50 distilled water and coolant.

Wash reserve tank and fill to upper line

Idel for a few mins and snap throttle a few times.

Top up if nessercery and put rad cap on.

Install ram air ducts and put fairings back on.

Hope this helps.


I'm no mechanic so this might or might not be the way to do it.

You do this at your own risk.

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