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Ariel BH 350 hybrid

Guest Halfonz

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Hello guys,

I don`t know much about motocycles, so I hope you gona help me.

My dad died few weeks ago and I find this motocycle in his garage. I`ve google it and it looks like British Ariel BH 350 made about year 1940. But even when i know the model number, it isnt same motocycles as motocycle on pictures. It must be some hybrid.

My question is if it got some value and if you think someone may be interested in it and if I sell it, how much can I get.

Im adding some pictures to help you figure out what im talking about. At the end, excuse my english, it may have many gramatical errors Smile I prishied any help.















Thank you. Halfonz

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Hi Mate.

What nice find in your dads garage. I think you have a bit of bitza there. The front frame and engine and tank look like they could be from a 40's Ariel Red Hunter. As the instruments in the tank look pre war to me. But if it is a 40's bike which looking at the style of the engine it could be then it should have Girder forks and rigid back end. I think someone has added a Ariel colt back end on or even used a complete colt frame.

here is a 1946 RH


The forks look like they are out of a Bantam and would not be safe on a bike this heavy . The headlamp looks wrong and the seat has to go. But it has the potential for someone with money to get a decent bike out of this. The main components are there IE engine, gearbox, tank, magneto and dynamo. It has some value as a job lot of parts to build a bike from. But stuff like the girder forks are getting nigh on impossible to find so they are fetching serious money now. A set of forks for my Panther ( if i could find some for sale) would be around the £500 mark with rarer makes of forks fetching more money. You can buy new "re manufactured" Indian made girders but I have heard that they can snap and are not made out of the right materials. If the frame is the correct one and then numbers match then it worth more. I would contact the Ariel owners club and see what they say.


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