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So, I've really got the bug for these European jollies on the bike, and my next is to a meeting in Paris in March. And as each trip is completed I do a bit of gear fettling in preparation for the next.

I have just replaced my hard panniers with Kriega tail bags, and couldn't be happier with them. My next tasks are to find a properly water proof tank bag and a better satnav. At the moment I have a Vanucci tank bag, which has a little satnav compartment (I'm using the TomTom Start that normally lives in the car). The two problems I have with it are that the main part of the bag isn't waterproof, and the plastic window keeps touching the satnav screen and opening weird menus: last week I found myself hurtling down the motorway, steering with one hand whilst trying to navigate my way back to the map from the 'preferences' menu with the other. Not at all sensible.

Surprisingly, I haven't found a zip-up tank bag that is waterproof. I say surprisingly because there are some very good waterproof zips out there - the TiZip in my drysuit, for instance, which kept me bone dry down to 40 metres when I used to scuba dive. So I'm thinking that the way forward might be to get another Kriega bag (the US20, perhaps) and their tank mounting kit. Does anyone have any experience with this, or know of any properly waterproof bags?

I am also going to re-route the sockets for my USB charger and Gerbing dual controller so that instead of connecting under the seat (which is a bit of a pain in the backside when the seat is strapped into place by the luggage) they poke out up near the steering yoke. Then when I set off I'll run the satnav and heat controller cables through the tank bag straps, which should keep things tidy and yet still easy to disconnect. The only issue I foresee there is that neither the USB nor the Gerbing socket looks very waterproof. I'll have to give that a bit of thought.

Satnav-wise, the Garmin Zumo 590lm looks like it might be the way to go. It's a bit pricey, but then I have decided against the ZZR1400 I was saving up for (don't need any more than my 1200 to be honest, and can't really justify the cost) so it will be a bit of a consolation purchase.

Any thoughts, suggestions or better ideas much appreciated!

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I have the zumo 660 and if it were to go bye bye.. Id have another. probably not new though. id be watching eBay. they come up second hand regularly... more than a few from BMW owners because they trade bikes and get one included. Anyway the one i have is now 4 years old... and works really well. despite a few accidents including being ridden over by a TRX850 and suffering nothing more than a slight scrape to the casing. they're tough things. battery is still original. i have a mount on the GS and bought a second mount for the 800. The mounts aren't cheap. circa £50. but.. so long as you ensure you lock the unit into place. (that was my mistake in the TRX episode) its rock solid secure.

I use mine as a purely visual aid. sound and bluetooth are both disabled.

both are wired directly to the battery.. but as they do not live on the bikes permanently.. I only use them for touring or longer journeys - thats no problem. you can leave it on the bike.. just remember to switch it off.

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If it's any help. I use one of these

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-6-Waterproo ... 20e2652231

For my satnav to hold it. Used to have a tankbag one but it's uncomfortable to look down like that. It's easy to mount but the back can come off. so i just permanently put a pair of screws in. so now it's just a case of tightening and untightening the part at the back (10second detach)

As for charging it i have an oxford cigarette lighter style thing :D £15 works a charm, just slaved off my horns electrics

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