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Neil Hodgson STILL with AMA Superbikes

Guest ShovelHeadShifty

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I want him to come back to WSB!!!

Whos with me???

Fair enough, i know he's won the championship already, but he made it so much more interesting and fun to watch, I was always hooked to the TV when he was racing WSB... Now the Americans have robbed him for yet another year!

I know he never got on to well in MotoGP when he sampled it but that could do him some good too i think, Lets see one of our best riders back again aye!!! :D


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But the thing is....I could have won on that bike, he had the perfect package. Get him back in BSB against The Stalker, BEST seasons racing ever, what year was that when they were swapping paint and Walkers bike blew up during the last round? 99?


not sure off the top of my head but i remember it well! I haven't followed much racing since Neil went abroad apart from Virgin Mobile yamaha... Now Virgin/Optima loans Yamaha....

But thats only because my uncle Earnie is very close friends with manager Rob Mac! BSB is always good fun!!!

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From what he was saying he wanted back, but he was worried about waiting on a deal that might not happen and being stuck on the sidelines again. I reckon if he would have waited he would of maybe got the place ahead of Checa or Kenan at ten kate, but the thing was he couldn't wait.

Maybe if he has a good season next year he'll be in WSB. Although by then there will probably be 2 - 3 british riders in the field. Maybe Rea, maybe Haslam, maybe Jones??? :?

I do think signing up for the AMA superbike was a bit silly, because unless your in the Suzuki team, Maladin/Spies none of the other bikes seem to be on par.

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dunno about the length of his contract but I guess like most sportsmen and women these days there are clauses in his contract, probably one stating that if WSB come calling with an offer of a ride that he can go.

I mean AMA is really like BSB, if a WSB team wants a rider then I doubt a BSB team would stand in their way.

I know this comment won't go down well with everyone but I'm not that impressed with AMA, the tracks aren't really anything special and there is little to no competition. At least in BSB there are several teams that can win.

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I watched it when Hodgson first went out there but you are right, nothing can touch the factory Suzuki's. I didnt know at the time that the twins didnt have the same tuning regulations as they do to the fours in BSB & WSB.

We could do with a Brit in WSB this year

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