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Well Ernie is going up for sale, it be in for MOT Next week, so once it has SOLD ... i will be looking as finishing another kawasaki from my graveyard .... the next lucky bike will be Kawasaki Ar50 c10 1996 14k full logbook Needs piston and gasket set, i have owned this one since 2012, been meaning to get it done, its in loads of pieces sooooo it will be full restoration.

so i will share photo's of what it looked like when it was in side my property in 2012-2014






Few old photo's of the AR50 yes i own the Ar125 too but it is not for sale 2nd owner 8k.

Soo fellow bikers this will be the next project :)

Need to get lock caps for the forks :)

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I was thinking last night this one, i might let go sell it too fund my big bike, i feel after riding the er5 that i am ready for a big bike on road, i have my eye on a fzr6 but i am not fussy what i get road worthy, this year i have decided its time to get a few projects finished and sold on. So i can keep my head on my shoulders and get my full test-bike- insurance all sorted, then meet few the nice guys on here for a bbq ;)

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Just and update been slowly buying odds and ends this one needs

Brought a carb for £35

Still lookibg for parts that are currently missing.

Yesterday i rode a honda cbr 125 and movoured it around a car park.

I no longer want to keep riding 125s or less!! Time to move on.

Well my friend is a very happy chappy the poor seller met his match, everything he tried to tell me was a load of bull crap.... £750 bike sliced to £380 needed full front fairing indicator, tyres fork seal, exhaust was blowing from the head.... Well my friend honda monkey bike build was designed over a week ago, and started to take shape last night. I am trying to get him to use as much of the cbr125 as he can, with out spending loads out.... So this may pop up on the threads.

The ar50 c10 has been postpond until the kawasaki er500 has sold. Finally got a day of to take it up to the mot station. Tuesday/wednesday. So that will done then move on to the ar50. Yes it will be for sale after the restoration, the ar50

I would estimate i would be looking £1500 or as is in a pile of parts £900-1000 low miles barely any owners. Wheels i have had offered of £750 alone on. Rare to find 99% complete ;)

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