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speedo cable

Guest markonovo

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iv just been and bought another speedo cable for my bike.


iv gone through 3 in three months.

The first one, i can understand. It was me being stupid and forgetting that i'd left my disc lock on, and attempted to move my bike. this caused a crack in the cable, moisture and dirt got in, and it snapped.

second time, there was a crack in almost the same place that looked quite alike, and again it snapped.

Just as i fitted the new one today, i realised that it is actually situated (obviously) really close to my front brake disc. id say about 5-10mm.

is there any chance this could be causing the rubber to melt after long rides?

i cant think of any other way it could be splitting the casing other than this, and i can't afford 17 quid every 2 weeks on speedo cables!

Sorry about the ramble :)

any help would be great!

Oh btw, its a 2006 suzuki gz 125 marauder ;)

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I don't know the solution to this but do other people try and move your bike when you are not arround?

I would check to see that the cable is routed correctly through any guides or gates provided and of course check to see if you have them all. I would go to a dealers and have a look at similar bikes just to make sure - if everything is correct I would consider asking the dealers if they know of any known problems with this model and even speak to the mechanic... failing that I wuld see if there are any model specific forums on the web and ask on there. Sorry not much help and I'm sure you would have already thought of these things...

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