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Matlock to salou


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Finally got the trip booked that years ago was going to do but for a dozy woman driver knocking me off and wrighting my bike off.

I have the Portsmouth Balboa ferry booked for early September and returning after 2 weeks.

Day one consists of a steady run to horsham to stay overnight at the daughters house.

Day two is a fairly early start to get to portmouth ferry terminal by eight for check in, then sit in limbo till docking in Balboa.

Day three and the run to salou.

According to the timetable, the ferry is due in balboa around one o'clock, I am assuming its gonna take an hour ish to get off the boat and clear customs.

I am sticking to the main routes as I want to hit salou well before 8 ish as I need to meet up with the key holder for the apartment.

Gonna fill up to the brim in Portsmouth, and as big suze will easily do 200 miles before I need to fill up, I am hoping I can do it with just the one stop.

The missus is flying in to reus airport for eight ish so I am hoping I can get the apartment sorted and the bike unloaded, and if my arse is up to it, meet her as she clears customs.

I am getting the sensor thing for the tolls so I don't have to mess about with cards or cash.gonna get decent breakdown cover,I am allready in the AA and I've been looking at their foreign cover.

Done my research regarding what docs I need etc.

Am over simplifying the trip? Have I missed anything crucial? Am I overcomplicating everything?

This will be my first overseas trip,drove a car in Spain a few times,never a bike. And as I am doing the trip on my tod I am both excited and looking foreward to the experience but a little nervous as I only have myself to rely on.

Anyone got any tips or advice? Have I missed anything? :bike2:

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Sounds like a great plan !

The tag for the tolls is a great idea. Remember not to use the height restricted lanes - they will charge you as a car. The lanes which will accommodate trucks, caravans etc will recognise you as a bike and charge accordingly.

You probably won't feel the need to stop before the bike needs fuel but, if you do need to stop, drink and fill the tank as a minimum. Maybe eat too if you need to. That way you might get the full tank range before you have to stop again.

I hope your wife appreciates the sacrifices you're making ! 😊

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