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Various Questions - Honda Shadow VT750 C2 Spirit (2007)


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Hi Everyone,

New here and new to cruisers! I've bought myself a 2007 Honda Shadow VT750 C2 Spirit and love it. Having never bought a cruiser before I have a few questions and hoped that some of you maybe able to shed some light/knowledge and give me some guidance please :)

1: Back story - it's imported and registered into the UK in JAN 2019 so only been here a few months - it has no FSH and I believe it to be from Japan,13800 miles on the ODO it came with a full service and MOT, 6 month warranty, from a well know reputable dealer in the UK. I had the bike a week and it ran perfectly, then the noise of the engine suddenly changed (smooth to what sounds like rattling, even in neutral) and the bike began to vibrate more than it did when i first got it (70-80% more) . I've been to see a mechanic and they said this is all normal and sounds fine, he wasn't concerned. if anything he suggested a carb/engine clean but said to do that when it hit 15000 miles on the ODO. Would this help at all?

2: Vibrations - I've heard before that many cruisers suffer from vibration issues? How can i reduce the vibration on the bike? I need to travel on dual carriageways and the M1 occasionally and when i'm at 70mph the vibration can be unbearable. I've bought myself some rubber washers to fit onto the foot peg bolts and some rubber strips for the handlebar mounts. I still have standard grips which i'm planning on getting changed. Anything more i can do?

3: Engine noise - now i know the engine and exhausts are a big part of this bike, it is a main reason (aside from the look) that i bought the bike. I wasn't quite expecting it to be so loud while riding and am having to wear decibel reducing ear plugs to stop my ears sounding like they've been next to a speaker at a gig. i think this may also be partly due to the vibration issue too.

4: Parts - any recommendations on parts for the bike? I'd like to change out some of the smaller parts (mirrors, clutch/brake handle, exhausts etc...) and am looking for places to buy.


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