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Neutral Light Issue - HONDA CBF 125 2009


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Recently purchased a Honda CBF 125 2009 44K, I am currently completing my Direct Access and so I just wanted the bike for now to go back and for work. Whilst also getting in some

Practice for my MOD 2 I have left to complete.

Once I got the bike home I noticed the natural light wasn’t working on the dashboard even though the bike was in Neutral.

I bought a Haynes Manuel and got my hands dirty and done the following:

Changed the fuses,

changed the bulbs in the dashboard

installed a New Neutral Switch.

I thought it would have been the neutral switch as the old one was cut in half and not in the best of states, the wiring was hanging off and it was all cracked. However, after changing the Neutral Switch I still have had no joy!

What I did notice when changing the natural light that oil kept gushing out. I expected a little bit of oil after watching videos online, but not the amount that was coming out. In total I collected around 330ml roughly. I checked the engine oil and it was still showing full on the dip stick. After checking it five times to make sure.

I’m wondering what else I could look at before taking it to the garage to be fixed. The MOT isn’t due until November so I am able to ride it until the mot is up. But I would like to get it sorted sooner rather than later. I also, don’t want to be ripped off.

Thanks in advance for any guidance or help, it is appreciated.

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Firstly thank you for your response.

Yes I changed the Two 10 amp fuses and I have also changed the 15amp fuse by the battery.

Yes my horn works.

Only issue I noticed today is the right side indicator at the front doesn’t work and the rear right side stays on (it doesn’t flicker like the left hand side. I’m assuming it was a bulb or a earthing issue. Would this affect the neutral circuit?

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The Neutral light on the dashboard has never worked since ownership.

The indicators were working perfectly however, so that’s why I’m thinking there is a earthing issue in the bulb casing.

I bought a bulb and was looking to change the front right indicator today, as this doesn’t light up. When the turn signal is on. The rear right side does light up when turned on, however it just says on and doesn’t flicker. So I assumed the bulb on the rear is ok.

Would this issue effect the neutral light too?

It’s to dark for me to change it now, but that will be my next job.

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Could be two seperate faults , but as you have the Workshop manual turn to page 8-12 and section 10-4 try that test with the turn signal relay , that will show if the relay is kaput , understand you might not be able to do it tonight , then have a look at the Neutral Light Bulb holder for bad earth :thumb:

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Fixed the indicator problem, good old WD40 and I cleaned the bulb holder. Also, changed the bulb for the safe side. So all indicators are working as normal now.

Still can’t get the neutral light to come on in the dash. Might have to book it in 😭

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Changed the clutch sensor today still no joy! :x

I was going to change the oil too just for a piece of mind to see if that helped at all. But it started to rain, will have to wait till tomorrow or next weekend now.

I think I will have to take it to the garage if it keeps up.

I’m wondering if it’s worth changing the speedo unit?

I noticed that it only lights up on the left hand side and the fuel gauge only works after I have ridden for a while. Is that normal?

Any suggests I would be great full.

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