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Diablo Rosso Corsa 2


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Diablo Rosso Corsa 2 (fitted to a 675R)

12/70 front & 180/55 rear

£245 front and back - purchased in May 2019 and again in May 2020

2019 set - Just over 3000 road miles including 2 fast/ inters track days (Silverstone/ Bedford Autodrome), tested in both baking hot conditions, normal UK summer, torrential rain and 1x damp track day.

Good Points:

Grip is phenomenal on the road and on the track, you can lean really hard on the front and it's like a mountain goat.

Tyres do not wonder when leant over - once you are down they are like rails.

Torrential rain - providing you can keep the heat in them i.e. keep riding fairly normally and stay off the last inch or two you can ride like it was a sport touring tyre, no slipping or spinning up.

Pretty good mileage for what is a 50/ 50 road & track tyre.


Fast turning.

Extremely fast heat up even on the road.

Perfect for all but the fastest of riders on track days.

Bad Points/ Considerations:

When you move on to the last 2 inches of the tyre it is basically a racing slick and you can feel that movement as it bites into the tarmac which, for the first week or so felt like it was the tyre moving/ sliding - once you know what that feeling is its not an issue but it was something that put me a little on edge as I'd never felt it to that extreme on a bike before.

Tyre pressures can take a little finessing - I settled on cold pressures 36/36 for road and 30/ 28 for most tracks but the Silverstone surface was 28/26.

The "drop" when you lean over is very pronounced due to the shape of the tyres so if you are coming from a sport touring tyre just be aware these do not roll but give very precise lean angels.

Forget these when the temp dips below about 10 degrees, I found they just didn't like the cooler/ colder weather and that "grippy feeling" in all conditions just drops off. A good sport touring tyre would run rings around these in those conditions.

Love them so much that these are now my late spring to early autumn tyres on all my bikes (even my new XSR700). Late autumn to late spring I'll be sticking with my Dunlop Roadsmart 3s.

I would highly recommend these for fast road riding and track use for novice and inters/ low advanced.

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