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Ridout Marker System


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I believe this is a good sytem to adopt on large rideouts, and isnt difficult to follow. Please familiarise yourself with it.

Before the event

LET THE ORGANISER KNOW YOU ARE COMING. It means they can let YOU know if its off/postponed/moved/running late...

If you are goint to be late or not going to make it, please have the decency to phone someone who is going and let them know so the ride isnt held up waiting for people who arent coming.

Bring a copy of the route if it is available to you, and a map (or at least familiarise yourself with the route/area, using a map beforehand)

Make sure your bike is in a good enough condition to make the distance.

Try to arrive with a full tank, or fill up on arrival if possible.

The Marker System

The leader

Is familiar with the route, and follows it. He should carry a mobile in case of problems on route.

The riders

At any point the route deviates from the strip of tarmac in front (ie roundabout, junctions) the first of the riders behind the leader will stop to mark the way at the junction in a place prominent to the rest of the following group. THEY MUST NOT MOVE UNTIL THE TAILENDER ARRIVES.

If it seems like you have waited ages, wait some more. If they still havent arrived, phone the leader who may have heard from them.

The tailender

Is idealy familiar with the route also, but doesnt have to be. They will stay at the back for the entire ride and will be pointed out at the beginning of the ride. The tailender is exactly that, everyone else stays in front of them, so they should move the junction marker on once they arrive, this also ensures there is no confusion as to who is the rear bike. They should carry a mobile with the leaders number in case of problems on route.If anyone drops out of the group the tailender should stop with them and find out what is going on.If there is a problem they should get in touch with the leader, or if they are just stopping for a pee wait with them so the marker stays in place at the next junction.

Once the tailender has arrived, the junction marker can then work their way carefully back towards the front. Overtaking is encouraged, but please be courteous!

If anyone sees someone making dangerous overtakes (repeateadly - we all make mistakes sometimes) point it out to the leader, who will have a quiet word.

If riders are going to drop off the back of the group (behind the tail ender), they must inform the tailender what's going on.

Next to your own personal safety should come consideration towards others in the group.

Do not ride above your ability/limits to try and keep up. There will be a bike waiting for you at the next junction. There will be regular stops for a breather/fag break during which you can catch up safely.

Do not get pushed along by a faster bike behind you. Move over and let them through. Also do not ride harder than you feel comfortable/are safe too to keep up with others.

If you are the faster bike, dont make stupid manouvres to get past. Wait till they let you through, or find a safe place to get past.

Faster riders, please give plenty of room when passing and only go for a safe clean pass.


Its not a race and you wont get left behind. Just because you cant see the bike in front doesnt mean you've got to ride like Rossi to catch it up again. Take it steady, someone will be waiting somewhere.

If you are bringin along riders who are not on forum, please brief them on what is expected.


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