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Bike wont start, battery?

Guest MNO

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Ok so, I went and met up with some friends today, stood chatting for 2 hours.. and one of them was playing around on the dash, indicators etc, and think left the ignition on...

I went to leave, and it wouldnt start, I would turn the ignition and the dash would flicker on then off, othertimes it would stay on until I pulled in the brake, then the dash would disappear and come back when i released the brake. Even the starter didnt work at all. So I'm guessing the battery drained? :x

I went back 30 minutes later and had another go, the starter made a weird noise, not a deep heavy start but more like, a kind of light squeek? and the dash stayed on.

What now? :roll: Do you think if I go back later it might start seeing as it seems like the longer I leave it the 'MORE' it does, I have no idea if its even possible to jump start a bike?

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get it on a trickle charger quickly or youll need to buy a new battery, you could have bump started it....and still could but then you need to go for a decent run with no lights to put charge back into the battery.

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I went back and gave it another go on the way to halfords for a trickle charger, the battery seemed completely dead but the longer I left it, seemed to build up power, so I got it started.

Cheers Bulli.

Thank god for that :roll:

It was outside a school and I was cringing at the thought of kids thinking "ooh lets have a sit"

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no worries, next time try to bump start it , 2 strokes bump dead easy ;)

cor you saying that reminded me of at pudding run and a few people remaining nameless didnt know how to bump start a bike :shock: ....electric starters have a lot to answer for i tell you .....

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