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Temperature gauge


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- Mine doesn't seem to be working. I've only had the bike since Thursday.

I've spoken to a few people, there seem to be mixed opinions!

One says it's a common problem, others say on Hondas it has to be absolutely baked to go up.

Well when we got to Madeira Drive the other day it felt pretty warm but gauge still hadn't moved. Bearing in mind I had ridden it 45 mins to services, then down to the seafront which probably took an hour at a guess.

Any thoughts? I've contacted the garage I bought it from and hopefully they can sort it, I just wondered what you lot had to say on the matter.

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Could be a couple of things.

Not connected.

Bad connection.

Faulty sensor.

Well that's where i'd start at least :)

Edit: i'd probably check the gauge although these are usually the last piece of a puzzle to make sure it's not stuck etc.

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ok best way to eliminate things

please note i am not being patronsing by using simple terms in this post i just find its easier to start from the ground up ;)

find the wire that goes to the temp sensor on engine ( normally just down from the rad cap ( where you out the water in) on the termostat housingsee here number 11 this is a guide as not sure what year of yours

remove the wire from sender unit and turn ignition on ( not start ) and touch the wire/connector to a bolt/nut or part of chassis toi effectivy ground it and watch the guage/light if this reads hot/light turns on then all up to your guage is fine it is more than likely the sender unit or it could be a corrpded connection so clean it and try it leabe bike sitting there for a while running ....

these just unbolt and you thread the new one in if you are that way inclined

hope this helps ( normal disclaimer applies im not responsible etc etc ) make sure the bike is cold/cool before doing this as dont want any burns ;)

if it dont move the guage etc try a few more locations touching the chassis before suspecting anything else ( get another bit of wire and touch it to the battery earth if possible )

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