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traffic light system for ride out speeds...


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Just a thought...

Another forum i use has a traffic light system for doing ride out's where they have a colour for the type of riding involved...

For instance:


Fast riding,usually above the limit and quite mad (suits me :lol: )


Slower but steady pace involving filtering and generally quite quick staying close to the speed limits.


Strictly by the speed limits with plenty of stops for a cuppa/smoke/pics type thing.No rush at all.

Something like this might be usefull to include when arranging ride outs so people know if their gonna fit in with the others riding styles.

Just a thought anyway (or do most on here stick within the limits anyway?)

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Guest philgale

putting something like that on the main thread would put some people off....

we always use that technique but split into groups for the ride out...

fast ones go first

middle go next

and who wants to take it easy goes last

this way everyone comes on the ride out and enjoys it and can ride at whatever pace they want to on that day....

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