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Dominator Fly Screen?

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I'm considering a fly screen for my Bandit which features twin dominator style headlamps.

Has anyone had any experience with these:

http://www.justbandits.com/shop/product ... ry=related

http://www.bikefactors.com/DOMINATOR-FL ... 17560.html

http://www.bikermart.co.uk/proddetail.a ... =SCRUDOM01


To be honest it looks like the same screen at varying prices.

Now.. does this detract from the naked style look that I love about my bike? Will it add the functionality i'm looking for i.e. force some wind over/round me on the motorway?

Looking for any kind of input :D

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Hi Red,firstly let me say single headlight looks best on nakeds,right now thats out of the way :lol: I'm in the XJR owners club and a lot of folk on there have gone down the twin light route,dominators are popular but the more style conscious prefere the twin bates set up and most of the lads have chosen to stay naked, simply because the screen doesnt look right on twin lights

As for wind protection you will notice the difference up to around the late 80's after that only god himself can protect you :lol:

the screens you have chosen are all much of a muchness i would think so go for the cheapest i'd say

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Yeah that was my general thinking.

I don't mind going up to 80 with it as is anyway just got me thinking one very windy day how much difference it's make.

Think i'll put the money towards some new sockets or the service next week. (hopefully for a less noisy engine! see other post lol)

I agree naked is best; and i prefer twin to single currently although do like both :D

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I have the Givi A200 on mine and to be honest Red mines only of benifit above 70mph over long distances,for normal blatting about around town and commuting the winds not an issue,I did used to take it on and off depending on the journey but it just stays on now

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