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What topbox for my rack?

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As you may know, i recently purchased a Yamaha SR125. This came with a rack fitted but no top box.

Just wondering what topbox fits on this rack and where to get one?

here's a pic of the rack.


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You can get many top boxes to fit that rack, which depends on your budget and size you want, also if its to stay fixed permanently, or to be removed..

Givi are one of the best, and are removable, you can take it off when not required, or shad do a budget version, both come with universal bases, you NEED these, they bolt to the rack and then the box slots onto them..

otherwise the older ones bolt through the box with metal stays to secure them underneath.

another option is to by a tool box, one you can get a lock through, and then drill four holes and bolt through into two metal plates under the rack..

try evilbay

Rickman Box and fitting kit (PERMANENT FITTING)

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Rickman-Topbox-Co ... 240%3A1318


http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-SHAD-29L-Moto ... 240%3A1318


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