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No pressure in back brake


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I have a 1991 ZZR-600, the damp garage means that it is now siezed at both ends.

Tackling the back first; wheel off etc but a quick pump of the lever and no pressure, i've checked the pipes for kinks and leaks and nothing doing - the resevoir is full.

Is it time for a new master cylinder?

Any help gratefully recieved!

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as ppf says if no disk is present or even the pads then the piston has nothing to push and pressureise against

take it you mean the wheels have locked after a period of time sat

I get this with my zzr600 mainly front

as the calipers on a zed are prone to seizing up easily

sometimes just a good jolt will break them free and then a good ride will suffice

but other times not

remove calipers from disks ( dont disconnect the pipe ....)

leave the pads in for now and press the lever to push the piston out till it tight against the pads and then remove the pads and press lever slowly thsi will push the piston out a bit more but be careful not to push it past the end of the piston.....

with some 300 grit wet and dry clean around the piston and then lube with either copper grease or if you can get it i use white grease that is specifically for brake pistons/hydraulic systems and push the piston back in with a g clamp and then push piston out again in same manner and back in and do this a few times and that should free it off

front are the same but you may find that one or two pistons may not move ( common problem ) so you will have to stop the pistons that move easier doing so that it transfers the pressure to the stuck pistons ....

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