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Rideout 5th April, a few pics including a tab smoking fairy!

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Fellow Forum member Ses310 and Thumper (of thebikeforum) joined me for a brief ride-out today and despite a frosty start to the day we had a good ride over one of my regular loops (A456 Kidderminster, A4117 over Clee Hill then the B46364 to cut back towards Bridgnorth, A448 back to Kiddy). It was the first chance I have had to use my 1986 Yamaha FZ600 since putting the old crate back on the road this month, so I was really looking forward to it.


My FZ, Ses310's CBR600 and Thumper's Duke ready for the off


Very tidy CBR600F, don't see many in this colour

Did the usual run along the Bewdley by passes and through Cleobury Mortimer before deciding to stop at Clee Hill for a cuppa. We had done a gruelling 17 miles already you know! We were greeted by the slightly surreal sight of Scooby Doo, a huge Chicken, a bear and a tooth fairy with a beard and smoking a tab surrounding a custom trike. I was so distracted that even managed to miss a rather attractive young lady in 6th form uniform draped on a wall! I did have a natter with her later however! We had bumped into a charity run supporting the NABD (http://www.nabd.org.uk/) and Owestry hospital. So we coughed up a couple quid each to this highly worthy cause...hope the run went well folks!


Scooby Doo, a tooth fairy, a larg bear and a huge chicken riding a Ural Trike - I must stay off those 'herbal' fags![/img]


Billy Connolly-esqe tooth fairy enjoying a tabb...


Ses310...I must be in some sort of dream...

We left the cartoon collection behind and had a great clear run along the B46364, the cracking road that runs from the outskirts of Ludlow to near Bridgnorth. The FZ was going Ok, but I think some of the 70 horses the old aircooled lump should produce have wandered off over the years! Ses and Thumper seemed to be enjoying themselves too, this really is a great piece of road, if a little bumpy here and there.

We rolled into Quatt, the placed was packed to bursting point again, and enjoyed another cuppa and something to eat. Had a wonder about the bikes and this rather tasty GSXR caught my eye...





GSXR custom painted in homage to the film 300

Rounded off a great, if brief, ride with a quick dash back to Kiddy.

Cheers to Thumper and Ses310 for keeping me company!

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