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my test day at mallory

Guest faf__zx7r

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the start of the day .... was 2 of us tring for the r6 ride so we had to share ... beeing the good boy i am i did just that

tother guy when out 1st i though that looks fookin slow... it was. so took me sen out on me 1st run an all went well (i was told to slow down by the big boss man........

waited for the 15mins the side cars got... an matey went out for his second session.... his 2nd lap out he never came back

1 buggerd r6.... bent frame an all

muggins ere wasnt happy... and was asked to go take a GP125 out for the rest of the day (on the 6th time of telling him im not happy with it i came to ride an r6 not a 125)

reluctantly took the 125 out. was like a mini moto. signald i wasnt happy an did anoter lap to see if i could get on with it...... <<

sat in a&e, and hobbled round a&e and came out with a fookin splint on me fookin wrist

so all in all sat here still hurting alot an a got a fooking splint on me fookin wrist the dont hurt untill the twating w**ker prodded it

but hes asked me to come back for another go just gota work out when im fit an wen he can fix the bent r6

but an interesting day had by all

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unlucky faf but then sh*t happens to those who try dangerous things.


ya have to tyr it once dont ya lol

still laped in 1:15 on a gp125 lol

pid the r6 felt good got down to a 1:12 an was told to slow down by the team boss :twisted:

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1:15 on a 125

1:12 on a r6

is it me or is that just slow for an r6 or is that fast for a 125.....i'd of ignored big boss man for at least another lap, its not as if he'd come round n jump on you to slow you down is it.... :)

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i was told to slow down coz i was still getting used to the bike....

and he didnt want me to spoil my day.... some other cnut did that for me..

1:15 on 125 that id only done 1 lap on is fookin good if ya ask me lol (never ridden it b4)

the 1:12 i did on the r6 even seamed slow to me and i was on it... :roll:

next time will be different

i hope

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