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  1. .............chips!!!!......low fat version!!!
  2. as some of you may already know, im orgainising trips to the nurburgring with transport there and back for upto 8 bikes and 16 passengers for £150 on a two hour bike only track session end of july. ( other dates available, and also mixed track weekend breaks for £300 all inclusive (exc lap prices) dates soon to be coming up, just message me if your interested. to rent the track is almost impossible as 70% of the time its just a normal road, if you rent if for a day "day" is a week day and only 5-7pm and around a two year waiting list.
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    ive been riding bikes for years, i have had to tone it down a bit due to the types of bike i ride (sports) my weight (fat..ish) my riding style (back wheel quite a bit) as i have constant pain in my right wrist! (not related to any other right hand action!) i find under heavy breaking my wrists take huge amounts of strain. ive slowed down loads now, and even looking into different types of bikes (duke) otherwise i can see myself giving up the bikes for a while! i think its quite a common thing though for bikers!
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