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  1. I use a tankbag with 15kg of chains to keep the weight on the front
  2. I was told that in any language, if you use " f**k" with gusto, everyone understands it. I saw his reverse lights as I drove off, or I'd have called it in.
  3. Good evening, haven't been on for a while, crazy busy at work. This happened the other morning on the way in.
  4. XTreme Swagman Bender gymwitch dynax Tiggie Six30 learningtofly Liveware Problem James in Brum Bianco2564 rennie skyrider Mickly Ian Frog JRH Mississippi Bullfrog Tankbag
  5. Hats off to you riders with disabilities, there is a rider with one leg I've met a few times at the Raven Cafe. I've suddenly had a retinal tear, its bit of a git, but, apart from pouring tea & coffee I can live with it. Shout up if you're a rider with disabilities for inspiration to the rest of us
  6. There is a sidecar rider with a bear in the chair which has a waving arm, I have a video somewhere, does that count ??
  7. I'll nod at anyone whatever bike I'm on although I've noticed on the works bikes some riders almost look away as if my nod is bestowing bad luck
  8. Tankbag

    Did you miss me?

    Welcome back Bob, I did wonder where you had gone. When you have another bike sorted, please don't post pictures of cloudless blue skies & stunning scenery before April
  9. [mention]linuxrob[/mention] useful stuff, thanks
  10. The other bonus with silk under gloves is they stop the problem of putting your gloves on damp / sweaty hands
  11. I depend on accurate route timings for work, Google maps having a melt down does not help. Any other time, getting lost is one of the Joy's of biking
  12. Don't take this the wrong way but return to Wales immediately & get you're warm kit on
  13. Thread of the year [mention]fastbob[/mention] We will have to have the mother of all TMBF camp up meets in 2021 or 22 who the hell knows. Stay strong TMBF legends ♡
  14. I've fixed it, had to clear cache & data on my phone, I'd downloaded loads of offline maps & I guess it was just too much for it Hopefully it's not deleted my secret parking poi
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