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  1. Juwel products are also good value.
  2. You need to check whether your bar-ends are internally threaded (a wax candle will allow you to check easily by screwing it in - If screwed out again carefully, you can find the pitch and depth of the thread). If smooth, then you need the bar-end mirrors that the shaft is 'split' and expands as you tighten up the (usually allen key / hex) bolt. The MZ had this type of bar-end mirror. NB, a heat gun will 'sort' any broken candle left inside your bars.
  3. 'Appy Burpday 'old' chap.
  4. I used Petseal on my MZ - No problem until I filled up with Shell petrol. This 'attacked' the sealing 'stuff' and caused a blockage in the fuel line (filter). Had to strip it all out and start again. Can't remember what I ended up with but it was recommended by the MZ Shop.
  5. Just started pelting down now - T'was a mere sprinkle before.
  6. Gut Moaning. Sunee daiy - Might gue & gert lorst on't bike agains. I loike seeinge wurds undernlined int red! Meary Christimassish
  7. Took it for the first run of the year to Halfrauds - Oil and Air Filters + oil. The shop is 5 miles away - Total round trip 83.2 miles (I got lost - Honest officer!)
  8. Nothing! Not seen it for a few days. Might check on it on Wednesday
  9. Almost guaranteed that it is a fuel restriction problem caused by 'cr@p' in the bottom of your tank when you ran out of fuel. Check the route from your tank to your engine and inspect/clean any filters, jets, etc.
  10. Filter with care when it is safe to do so - Be VERY aware of potential 'lane swappers'. Be polite and acknowledge those who move over to give you more room (if safe). If the traffic is stationary (and has been for a while) - Watch out for curious folk who will open the door to get out and have a look (but not behind them!). Stay safe and filter.
  11. Why is it that you have to wait for months to receive a reply from the local county council for a response to whether you can trim a tree (not a protected one) whereas, you get a new CRB check done on the same day?
  12. You need to at least double that figure! Don't forget to add the VAT!
  13. I use 'Ride' to plan the route and then export to my TomTom GPS.
  14. Possibly a poor / intermittent connection (Ignition / Fuel pump?)
  15. I also have a full set of Whitworth's as well as Metric, AF, Imperial and BA Whitworth's usually need a larger hammer though! Can you do the taps and dies to match? Cannot claim full set but I have some.. I have inherited from several generations of hoarders. Sadly I had no space for lathe that could of produced any size... AF and Metric Taps & Dies. Full set of stud extractors, clutch compressor, two sizes of gear puller, strap wrench and a chain wrench, etc, etc. Hardest part of any job is remembering where the correct tool is stored!
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