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  1. Just delaying the evil hour when we embark on whatever physically challenging "fun" my wife has plotted for today. Still haven't recovered from yesterday ffs.
  2. There was me thinking it was my bloody phone having just done an "update". Wasted an hour of my life faffing about with the sodding thing.
  3. In the southern USA every drink used to be served with masses of ice. If you asked for a "sipping" whiskey without ice you usually got a massive measure as the staff were used to filling the glass with ice in it. Used to be a good way to get rat-arsed relatively cheaply.
  4. 70's were alright for me but nothing particularly good or bad. 80's were way better though.
  5. Nice but to us true cider snobs Bulmers and Magners just aren't the real thing. Apples have to be processed by some rustic yokel in wellies driving an antique tractor with wasps and all sorts in the mash. None of this high tech, stainless steel gadgetry I'll have you know.
  6. Certainly not! Rather nice AirBnB that my wife arranged. I'm just baggage on the trip.
  7. Now basking in Lyne Regis. Went via a really traditional cider mill - if you like cider but are squeamish about health and safety never ever visit a cider mill when they are processing the crop!. I'm not and have a fridge full of good swag plus some Somerset Cider Brandy.
  8. There's been very little of it on our ships at least. Out of 70 odd ships we've had 2 which have ended up quarantined and of 44 men involved only 1 required hospitalisation and he survived. Other than cruise vessels which have crews of hundreds plus passengers so if it gets on-board the virus has lots of potential easily infected hosts most ships have much smaller crews. Our standard crew is 22 and we spend weeks at sea. When we are in port we maybe get exposed to at the most 6 people who are all pcr tested before being allowed on and then kept at arms length and isolated from us as much as possible.
  9. Got my second jab at a walk in clinic in Bath. See how it goes.
  10. No, just a ferry to the IoW. Cruises are not her thing thankfully.
  11. And a bloody good morning it is too! Home at last and now I just have to wait a week to reclaim my bike. Wife booked a week's holiday starting tomorrow so no chance to collect it or ride tbh.
  12. Midnight here and the bar is closed. 4 pints in only and still have 2 hours before I can check in. And I was dry for 5 months! Now reduced to coffee from a machine. Bleah.
  13. Ha! Sitting in an airport with a beer or 3. Waiting for covid test but looking like me and a couple of guys are home free. Good beer too -Goldstar, 4.9 %
  14. Will you get as far as 3rd night after a start like that.?
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