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  1. But what about the people who died of something else but had Covid at the time? Got recorded as a Covid death. Not saying that a hell of a lot of people haven't died of it but the statistics are somewhat flawed.
  2. Boy, are you ever looking for the silver lining! I suspect the diesel will be around for a bit - can you imagine the size of the battery bank needed to keep a 20 t wagon on the road? Probably weigh 5 t all on its own.
  3. I use Halvarssons single layer jeans with a Halvarssons jacket which has good venting. Using their belt adapter I zip the jeans to the jacket. No flapping, good venting and reasonably comfy up to the high 20's. My helmet is mainly white as I really don't fancy boiling my head with a dark helmet again. Once was enough.
  4. Not necessarily. As you should know there's a bloody big world which isn't the EU and long distance shipping is pretty cheap if you are shipping tonnes of stuff.
  5. I hope he was hurt at least as much as the bike.
  6. Do like a torquey twin, especially a v-twin. Noisy though.
  7. S-Westerly


    This has been going on for years. My cousin is big in her local Cat Protection League and was forever getting caught up in this kind of thing. Also why she ended up with 6 cats as well as 2 dogs.
  8. Probably some kind of fetishism club involving Chinese dangly bits.
  9. All joking aside its still causing chaos out in the world. Still have one of my guys who has been desperately trying to get home stuck on board - Wilhelmshaven failed due no flights, Teesport ditto. Now in Augusta in Italy and flights were doable but bureaucracy made life difficult and final killer was 14 day quarantine required for joining crew. We're only in port about 24 hours and 14 days ago didn't even know we were coming to Italy. Really feel for this guy in particular as his mother has been in hospital on oxygen for almost a month now and its costing the family $600 a day. Had to sell
  10. Thought that was closing due to the aerodrome being sold for housing?
  11. It's not the number of points it's the throughput. At Gordano services on the M5 there's about 10 Tesla charging points and I think at the moment about another 10 Ecotricity charge points. So call it 20 points with an average charge time of at least 40 minutes. In that 40 minutes a fuel station can probably shift at least 200 cars through. Imagine a bank holiday weekend in August? Total chaos. EV is great if you use it just for short journeys and charge at home. Not much use for a longer journey. Recently a car magazine did a test of 3 versions of a Peugeot car including an EV version. They we
  12. As an old codger have to say it looks very similar to the screen on my bike which was standard anyway. That said I stopped worrying about what was cool round about the time platform shoes were the thing. I thought they were hideously uncomfortable (as well as looking stupid) and ever since then I have gone for comfort over style. My wife has been known to comment adversely as to my lack of style but I really don't care.
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