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  1. OUTRAGEOUS apologies for my delay in replying was waiting for a bus for three days
  2. small points change with Quattararos late penalty 1 Hoggs' Hooners 724.5 2 rennie 641.5 3 SuzukiRF 506.0
  3. Dunno what happened to Bagnia in that was just nowhere. Amazing ride from Oliveira top call there Rennie!! 1 Hoggs' Hooners 727.5 2 rennie 647.5 3 SuzukiRF 504.5
  4. oh its a points fest! complete any colour or stations / pubs and you can get a bonus 50! its all about fun so I'm not precious about it
  5. then you get permission to substitute those in! I'm a very generous tag setter I know
  6. I'll allow substitutions, what stations do you have?
  7. 1. Hoggs' Hooners 539.5 2 rennie 439.0 3 SuzukiRF 354.0
  8. there's a looooong way to go and you still have all your motul bonuses so big points still to be had!!
  9. Well Bagnia is being dumb so I hope he has a better race. I put Miller back in so he's falling off tomorrow
  10. and sadly she's started drinking already!! (and is quite a stint from mayfair)
  11. I'm more surprised when you're actually in work these days
  12. no I haven't rode for ages and not a lot of confidence so will have to build it up slowly as the idiot who picked the tags didn't put many near me
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