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  1. Hey Bob! without a CBT you can't ride anything on the roads so can't get any practise! The point of the CBT is to teach you from zero experience
  2. The Internet assures me scooters can carry a lot more than you think but seriously a training school out there will want your money and will figure something out!!
  3. sorry to hear that @Blackholesun how you feeling about it now?
  4. pfffft riding a motorbike isn't natural doesn't matter how old you are takes a bit of getting used to! don't stress it just breathe try keep relaxed, listen to the instructor and we look forward to your upcoming posts about how much you love it and can't wait to do your DAS
  5. Soooooo nearly threw Bastianini in... didn't... but still a good day Hoggs' Hooners 1,403.5 rennie 1,341.5 SuzukiRF 1,048.0
  6. haaaa I googled the motorbike show camera and clicked the first result without really looking at the site name...and its this bloody place But it totally answered the question so thanks @KiwiBob
  7. DOVI IS BACK! he was a permanent fixture in my teams a few years back... but probably not this year
  8. I did not regret this! Hoggs' Hooners 1,283.5 rennie 1,247.0 SuzukiRF 968.0
  9. subbed Zarco for Marquez. Will I regret this??? tune in tomorrow to find out
  10. Congrats!!!! Just to say... I've been riding for 6 years and sometimes I have a bit of a "wobble day" so never beat yourself up if you feel you're not perfect as @SometimesSansEnginesaid its a constant learning experience and sometimes you just don't nail it but it does happen to us all and a bad day on the bike still makes me smile more than a good day in the car!!
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