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  1. Yes I've heard lots of good things about we Moto. Thank you
  2. Other half is sad as it's quite wet here today but was hoping for a ride Where do you guys shop for parts?
  3. Hi thank you sorry I haven't been back online since I posted this. She arrived today and obviously as soon as she was taxed and insured hubby took her out. This is his second bike, his previous one was a v-twin so the power band on this is a lot higher, having said that she's more fun to ride apparently. I clutched her up our private road, I'm 5 foot nothing and weigh 9 stone and I had no problems. A huge thumbs up from both of us so far!!
  4. Hi guys, What are your thoughts on the Suzuki GSX600f Katana? There's a lot of mixed responses online and looking for some more ideas. Thanks
  5. We will go out in the morning and have a tinker. Thank you all
  6. All joking aside I have absolutely no problem with anyone and no offence was taken by my spelling mistake being pointed out!
  7. Actually, when we serviced it we used a car Jack to drain the oil and the front wheel was off the ground then! Thank you!
  8. Santa doesn't like me riding my bike so he won't get me bike stuff. I'm on the naughty list lol
  9. Its ridden daily so yes it's been in rain No it's not in gear but haven't checked if it moves freely when in gear with clutch pulled in. Yes it left the garage fine. It's actually been a couple of months since any work was done but chain and sprockets still look fresh etc. Disc brake
  10. Yeah will get it replaced. I was wondering about riding to my dads and garage. Thank you
  11. We'll go out tomorrow in daylight and check these things. We have no centre stand though so need to think about how we can test each wheel!
  12. It's alright someone was always gonna point it out they always do
  13. Okay, now I can call the garage and know what to tell them to look at. Dad has mentioned the warped disc also so may well get him to come and have a look tomorrow. Is this dangerous do you know?
  14. Thanks for your reply. You could compare it to a sticky break while trying to push it but its used daily.
  15. Good old google! I actually never knew that! One thing I will say that I should of mentioned it that it will move. Almost like pushing it with the back break engaged if that makes sense and after a while it does loosen so it moves more freely if that makes sense
  16. Would a loose chain really cause this? I dont think it is loose but will check again. I have tried to look up symptoms of a binding break but cant find much as this was our first thought. Will try it in gear with clutch in as we haven't tried that yet.
  17. Hi thanks for your reply. The last thing we had done was the rear tyre changed along with the chain and sprockets. This was done at a garage not by ourselves. It's the same guy we've used for years now with no problems. So really at a loss.
  18. Hi Guys, Wondering if you could help me out. My motorcycle won't roll forwards or backwards freely. It started just backwards but now it forwards too. Do any of you know what this could mean? Thanks in advance
  19. made a a small child cry a couple of days ago . dagiphy.gif It’s not even an exaggeration
  20. Yeah they can I should of added this into the post. I was hoping to cheap skate from eBay
  21. Hi guys, Hope you’re all well? Before I start I have searched the forum and can’t find anything specific to what I’m looking for but if you know of any and can point me in the right direction that would be great, if not I wonder if you could help me here. Thanks in advance. So my Honda CBR came with a black widow exhaust but the previous owner has removed the baffle. It sounded great to begin with but it’s now becoming a bit tedious (I made a small child cry a couple of days ago) my question is does the length of the baffle matter? I keep finding all sorts and wondering which length would be best the quieten it down? Thanks again Emma
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