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  1. It's a '67 plate, it's blue, very low mileage with only 2,100 miles on the clock. One other owner before me. All original paperwork/receipts/V5 present, oil change at 1800 miles. Two keys. I'll even throw in a bike cover! New battery and a full 12 months MOT. Some minor damage - slightly bent back brake lever (doesn't affect use), single scratch on the tank and a scuff on the exhaust - please see pics Located in Telford - please PM me or @rennie for more info. Looking for £2,800.
  2. As the title says, my MT 125 will be coming up for sale very soon! It's a '67 plate, it's blue, with approx 2,000-2,200 miles on the clock (accurate mileage when it has a new battery!). All original paperwork/receipts present, oil change at 1800 miles. Two keys. It will have a new battery and a full 12 months MOT. Some minor damage - slightly bent back brake lever and a scuff on the exhaust. Pics etc to follow. Looking for around the £2,900 mark.
  3. Agree with pretty much all the points raised re this year's venue - lack of toilet facilities on a site that size (regardless of there being a group of pissed-up bikers there!) was dire! We were aware that the pub owner wasn't going to be there over the weekend, but we had been assured (in person) that everything would be fine. The staff did their best and worked hard, considering they knew nothing about our social until Saturday morning. Although the pub & food were both lovely, the venue just wasn't quite right for us. Those of you who have been rallying with us for some time will be aware of just how difficult it is to find a venue that meets all our requirements - to date I think The Bull In'T Thorn (however the f**k you spell it!) has been the best. Unfortunately, due to greedy breweries, the landlords jacked it in and the pub closed, otherwise we'd have been back there again this year! Sooooo it looks like we have to find somewhere else for next year! Requirements are as follows: Camping space Electric hook up pitches Bed & breakfast rooms (minimum of 4 rooms) Dedicated function room/space All of the above, and in a fairly central location geographically, to make it accessible for as many people as possible! Some of us spend hours each year researching & visiting possible venues and it is really difficult to find exactly what we need, and we could do with some help. We would really appreciate it if you could all try and do a bit of research - the sooner the better - so we can maybe find our venue for next year and get it booked early. We did hear a rumour that The Bull In'T Thorn has reopened, so Rennie & I may go on a bit of a recce to see if said rumours are true
  4. The 17.50 per night put me off Sue I understand what you mean Stu, but I think people have to be a bit realistic - unfortunately (as we've discovered) costs have risen over the last couple of years. If we're looking for somewhere that has all the facilities onsite that we need, then the prices are going to be more.
  5. [mention]Stu[/mention] http://woodlandwaters.co.uk Did you investigate this one?
  6. http://www.dougiescaravanandcamping.co.uk/index.php
  7. The owners have a static caravan park opposite - alternative to camping.
  8. https://www.themarlbankinn.co.uk Not sure about function room
  9. http://www.thefishandanchor.co.uk
  10. http://www.the3horseshoes.com
  11. http://halfwayhouseinn.co.uk
  12. http://www.elmcottage.co.uk
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