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  1. Unlike the American! I can see it has some issues but I suspect its down to user error!
  2. I don't know whats worse! the bike or the American!
  3. I am going to refrain on googling it and looking as I will just start getting millions of adverts for them
  4. I can see the posts coming now! Why won't my battery charge Why is it only getting 3 miles to a charge Why is the battery bulging and is it still safe to use @fastbob is going to be pulling his hair out when these Chinese electric bikes turn up
  5. I have personally used one of these on the FJR for 6 years and they are a solid mount and work really well
  6. www.telferizer.com The Telferizer is the perfect solution for mounting GPS systems to sports bikes and sports-tourers. The mount has been tested throughout Europe on all terrains and in all weather conditions for 100,000+ miles. It has proven itself to be ultra reliable and is vibration free. The Telferizer also has a unique central mounting position which leaves clocks unobscured even when using a tank bag. If your GPS is TomTom, Garmin, NavMan or Magellan then we can give you a custom solution that will enhance your cockpit view rather than obscure it.
  7. Stu


    And the bike?
  8. Seems odd then that your getting bad recordings! My FJR does crash a bit over bumpy roads but recordings or watchable I have hyperpro springs in mine
  9. Does the front feel like its crashing in to the bumps in the road?
  10. Stu


    I wouldn't worry as the temp went down when the fan kicked in You will be chasing this for years if you start worrying At most I would just change the coolant for peace of mind more than anything
  11. It certainly sounds like someone has replaced the front springs before then! I don't think replacing the rear would help but as you say the 1200 shock is suppose to fit and be a better shock
  12. Have a look for quadmount Its expensive and only covers some phones but it works extremely well
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