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  1. Stu

    Happy Birthdays

    Happy birthday @Joemanand @Tiggie
  2. You're starting to like it there aren't you
  3. Translated means take it to a garage But not riding it!
  4. Not exactly! depends on work and other arrangements She has Christmas shit planned already
  5. Not sure yet! just "discussing" it with the wife!
  6. No I mean pulling trailers small light trailers are not going to cause issues in terms of fish tailing etc but load a heavy trailer wrong then thats when the issues start Reversing, yes small ones are a twat!
  7. Stu

    BMW special tools

    @rob m Thanks for the link I have just read it properly and seems pretty decent It should be here by Saturday
  8. Stu

    BMW special tools

    Cheers Rob I will give it a look and probably buy one
  9. Stu

    BMW special tools

    Yet everything I have seen on servicing the boxer is extremely easy! and with all the right tools hence the purchase its very easy to service the bike I would prefer torx over allen keys
  10. Stu

    BMW special tools

    Nope! Never even heard of that
  11. https://www.moto-tyres.co.uk/yamaha-tyres/yamaha-535-xv-535-virago-1988-2003-2yl-3br-vj01
  12. 100/90-19 front 140/90-15 rear Is what I get
  13. Are you sure thats the right tyre size? as I am finding different sizes for the virago
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