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Stuck flywheel


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I have to replace my starter clutch on the Draggie, but the flywheel refuses to budge. It has been heated, frozen and the puller left on overnight but it still refuses to budge.

The bike has only done 57,000 miles and the parts are going to cost some £500+, but is a 'T' plate so unless it comes off the bike will be scrapped as a replacement lump is financially unviable due to no knowledge of its history(frying pan/fire), and I will be looking for a replacement bike.

I am one pissed off cookie.

Please anyone got any ideas ?

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whats the manual say, and have you tried the owners clubs...

have you tried using a breaker bar on the puller, and hitting the socket whilst putting weight / attempting to turn the bar. a mate helps. this gives a similar action to a impact driver...

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If it's the same as the Virago the Haynes goes about it a very convoluted way. With the side case off a pair of long nose circlip pliers can remove and extract the circlip holding the starter clutch onto the shaft. Slide out the clutch mechanism and slide in the new one.

Mate of mine got fed up with them going and welded it up on a 750. Worked fine and still going strong. 8-)

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Thanks guys, I will pass this all on to the guy who is doing the job. In fairness he has been at it for two weeks now and I have never seen him stuck before.

He is a one man band back street (middle of nowhere industrial unit) independant, but he does know what he is doing, he did ring a Yamaha dealer who gave the impression that I should be happy that it made it to that sort of mileage. And I wanted to keep it to do 100k on the same bike

Looking like a new bike for me.

And plenty of good bits to sell of a 1100 Dragstar Custom, to help fund it.

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